How would it be if we - just - stopped? For a while.

Turned off the lights. and sat - just for a while - in the dark?

What might we discover? Rediscover, perhaps? Shall we try?

Reading’s pioneering Festival of the Dark continues...


DAZZLE: 1-10 September - a microfestival within Festival of the Dark. A dazzling line-up of events! In partnership with St John & St Stephen's Church, East Reading

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Our first Dazzle event will be:

Song of Crow

By Jennifer Leach, Outrider Anthems

South Street Arts Centre, Reading

Friday 1 September & Saturday 2 September 2017, 7:30pm

Lauren and Kathleen

It does not have to be this way; it was not always this way. Were we not once one with the Earth, one with Creation?

Creator Crow, crotchety, passionate, magical, unambiguously unimpressed with his human species, returns to Planet Earth for two nights only, pep talk fizzing. A mythical journey through spoken word, dance, music, movement, film, music, light.

 ‘Thank you..so utterly beautiful amazing mesmerising engaging, none of these words is enough.'

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Song of Crow asks the big question, 'where do we go from here?' The following week we look at some of the ways this question could be answered. What a better future might look at, where economics, education, creativity, spirituality, all follow a more positive, mindful and fruitful path. One more caring of our community and our planet.


Doughnut Economics


Kate Raworth


St John & St Stephen's Church, Reading RG1 3JN


Monday 4 September 2017, 7:30pm





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