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Current projects




A new work of theatre, currently in its Research & Development phase. Duende is an exploration of what it means to be alive, tunnelling through our deepest layers of fear to the raw pulsing heart. Its main protagonists are a Fly, a Spider, two Chameleons, White-Winged Moth, and the terrible creature in the depths. Influenced by Lorca, Flamenco, and the concept of Deep Song.

With Andrea Carr, scenographer and artist.


Song of Crow

crow sketch andrea carr

A reimagining of Song of Crow as a work of puppetry and object manipulation, allowing new possibilities of mythical magic and wonder to develop. Currently in Research & Development phase.

With Andrea Carr, scenographer, artist, performance maker, and Sean Myatt, puppeteer/object manipulator and Senior Lecturer in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University.


Extinction Rebellion


Outrider Anthems is currently considering the most effective way to work with Extinction Rebellion in taking action against Climate Extinction. There is a strong likelihood we will be focussing on changing hearts, minds and behaviours at Reading Festival 2019; this event has become a symbol of wanton environmental destruction, and entitlement, stemming from ignorance. We would seek to reverse this.




Jennifer’s artwork forms the bedrock of much of Outrider Anthems’ work, and gives an interesting insight into the aims and concerns of the organisation. A selection of limited edition prints will shortly be available to view or purchase at: details to follow.


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