A sacred art practice.

There was a time when creativity was recognised as being one of humankind’s richest gifts. When it was loved for being the key that opened us up to deeper, more profound levels of consciousness, giving us the means to better treasure our own existence within the mysterious universe.


We knew – all of us – how to tap in to those bubbling springs from which arise surprising visions, dreams and stories. The old knowings woven by the great Unknowing, that show ourselves to be bright threads in the glorious weaving of beast, tree, sun, moon, the Before and the After, the Whole.


Outrider Anthems believes in those old spiritual springs, those neglected wells. We are exploring them, clearing them, cleaning them. Dressing them with flowers. Encouraging the clear waters of fresh story and creativity to flow once again, in whatever contemporary and relevant form they choose.


Outrider Anthems welcomes and recognises fellow Outriders - creative, pioneering writers, directors, performers, musicians and composers, camera operators, friends and family, who come together to create the work that is:



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