Saturday 20 May 2017

A world first, here in Reading! One of the Festival Director's favourite moment when the Reading Bus pulled in, 'Festival of the Dark, all aboard!" emblazoned on its front screen. A crazy idea actually coming to fruition...!


film on wheels photoThe audience was game! They wanted to make the most of this nutty event; nothing would deter them. Not even the bout of rain that fell heavily for a good 20 minutes. The evening opened with a screened poem by Mel Pryor; My Name is Tomas - an animation on homelessness by Karem Asfuroglu, and a short exploring men's mental health, a community film overseen by Reading's Real Time. All the while, a beautiful rainbow arced over the screen. Our mystery film was the Coen Brothers' O Brother Where Art Thou?, a contemporary telling of the story of Odysseus. Dark, humorous, great soundtrack, starring our local George Clooney - what more could you ask for? A pop-up bar run by one of our favourite Reading venues, Global Cafe/RISC, and plenty of popcorn and mint humbugs? 


Happy festival goers    jennifer at film on wheels  magic


dressing up

 Thanks to all those involved who helped it to run smoothly:

Reading Buses,

Real Time, AV Events,

RISC/Global Cafe and World Shop,

Photographers Paul Scrivens and Laura Harwood,

Caversham Bridge Garden Centre Ltd

Our team of excellent volunteers.

A final thanks to the Weather Gods who were reasonably merciful and did donate the great rainbow display.


Best feedback:

"Fantastic night, would love to do it again!"

"This is what Reading needs!"

"It was an experience I would definitely have again!"


“Delighted that Reading Buses are part of this!” Martijn Gilbert, CEO Reading Buses


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