Thank you to all of you who were present at Let There Be Dark!, our Festival of the Dark Launch, and for participating with us in this special night. In the mad pre-Christmas rush, with coughs and colds aplenty, we cocooned ourselves in the Olympia Ballroom for memorable night of community, food, spoken work and music. We hope it is an experience that has stayed wih you throughout this month. And we welcome you into the New Year of 2017 - wishing you a fulfilling and fruit-full year, part of which we hope will be a shared journey through the Festival of the Dark. 

As Many of you know, we heard the afternoon before the launch that Outrider Anthems was successful in its funding bid, and Arts Council England have awarded them the necessary funds to run the Festival for a whole year in Reading. There is more fundraising to be done, but what a positive start!


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