'Before the beginning, eternally alone, is the bone, bleached bone of Crow.

Slight speck of matter, carried on the fast-flowing current of the silent void.’


Song of Crow is Creation’s challenge to Mankind, the species that has fallen out of love with its own habitat and its own creativity. It is a lament for the destruction and diminution of beauty, and the elimination of balance. Song of Crow has grown out of a work that was first staged in 2007 as an ambulatory outdoor storytelling performance, and had its first highly successful airing in Reading, March 2016, as part of the Reading Year of Culture 2016. Funded by ACE, Earley Charity, and RYOC 2016.


‘Thank you..so utterly beautiful amazing mesmerising engaging, none of these words is enough.'


Back at South Street Arts Centre 1st and 2nd September, as part of Festival of the Dark.

Lauren and Kathleen

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