Today I’m sharp, in tale-telling prime, I’ll spin you a yarn, if you have time. But a warning first to those, and I see there are some who eat particulars for breakfast - in my tales there are none.

'Well, a few perhaps, perchance: Names, Dates, Facts, caught in the net of myth. It’s the sniff of it that counts. How it was, or how it seemed, how people lived, and how they dreamed, and what they touched, and how they died, and who they prayed to, and why they cried...’

An enchanted mixture of fabrication and fact, The Land of Walter Giffard took place outdoors in Caversham Court Gardens, Reading in 2011 as a Heritage Week event. It is loosely inspired by the lost heritage of Caversham Court and Reading.

‘A rumbunctious, rip-roaring tale of history - power, land grab, greed, old gods and new gods. As recalled by The Oldest Green Man.'

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