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Dancing in the Dark

Jennifer Leach

A visual story-poem, with text and images. It is a powerful exploration of the letting go of fear.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in summer 2019, we've now produced Dancing in the Dark as a very limited edition 48-page book.

Particular thanks to:

Archana and Steve Townsend

Alex Siddall

Anna B. Sexton

Grey Rattigan

Jenny Parkes

Paul Mez Merrick

Jim and Maggie McGuigan

Les and Elaine Leach

John Dawson

Mayonne Coldicott

John and Vera Bodman

Richard Austen

If you would like to order a copy (£10 inc. UK postage, £14 for Europe):

Dancing in the Dark is a journey


It is an invitation to move beyond the safe, known boundaries of our small, rigidly orchestrated worlds, into the absolute terror of the unknown. It invites us to ask the dangerous question, what if? 


What if the world is more interdimensional than we have made it?  What if there is more out there than meets the eye? What if I summon up the courage and curiosity to look through the telescope, as Galileo did, and find out that the established monoculture is not the truth? What if I jump? What if I land in the dark waters of tangled weeds and unknown presences? What if I face my darkest fears?

Let’s stop defying the dark. Let’s go right out into it and see what it has to offer.

To find out more about how the book came about and to see extracts, visit Dancing in the Dark on Kickstarter.

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