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Book Launch

Dancing in the Dark is a 48-page book, an abstract exploration of the letting go of fear, a visual story poem with graphics and text by Jennifer, that is now ready to make its way out into the larger world.


‘It came to me as a deep giving. I have whittled and honed it, memorised and spoken it. The poem asked for imagery, and I have used my own work to bring a new discernment to the words. It is rough and raw, and beautiful.

'The poem is a journey. It is an invitation to move beyond the safe known boundaries of our small, rigidly orchestrated worlds, into the absolute terror of the unknown. It invites us to ask the dangerous question, what if? What if the world is more interdimensional than we have made it? What if there is more out there than meets the eye? What if I summon up the courage and curiosity to look through the telescope, as Galileo did, and find out that the established monoculture is not the truth? What if I jump? What if I land in the dark waters of tangled weeds and unknown presences? What if I face my darkest fears? This book is about now. We have little time left to answer these questions. We may be pushed if we will not jump. How much better to let go, of our own free will.

'We may just end up dancing!’



We are producing Dancing in the Dark as a limited edition book and we hope you will take a look at our Kickstarter project page to find out more - including a very short video - and that you will feel moved to share it with others.









This is Jennifer’s first book, and Outrider Anthems’ first Kickstarter project. Kickstarter works on an ‘all or nothing’ basis; if and only if we raise enough pledges to fulfil our minimum print run of 50 (and do so in the tight deadline of the project campaign) then Dancing in the Dark will see the light of day! So if you would like to secure a copy of your very own, do take a look now and consider a pledge. You can pledge for the price of the book or for the price of a personally signed copy of the book and a special, high quality giclée art print of one of the book’s images.

We look forward to sharing this with you.

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