Standing Tall

This is an active community collaboration. It has begun with Jennifer photographing the 112 trees destined to be felled. Each tree was labelled in the planning application either 'B - of moderate quality', 'C - of low quality', or 'U - unsuitable for retention quality'. We would not speak of human beings in this way. In photographing each tree as a unique individual, the trees responded by sharing something of their unique energy with the camera.

We have two powerful films to share here. The first is an edited video of the planning meeting (4 mins) at which the scheme was passed. Even as time passes, it still makes painful viewing. The second is the film Standing Tall (8.5 mins) recording our intervention on the site itself, in which we, the community, bound each tree to be felled in a tie of white muslin.

A composite of the two films can be seen here.

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