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The Piece


The Piece has been in development during lockdown, and filming for the pilot is now underway.  It is a dramatic narrative that will be realised as a layered film, with elements of theatre. It is a new rendition of ancient myths, as they collide with current events. It is a story about a world out of balance, out of kinship with Nature. It is also personal. Our own life stories are part of it, and have been affected by it, and It draws too upon the life stories of strangers we are meeting along the way. It is a journey which offers, not a resolution, but dreams of more balanced paths.

Background to The Piece

We are working with a very specific methodology inviting in the Tao and allowing ourselves to be directed through 'random' actions and instructions, and using the Taoist Book of Changes (the I Ching) for guidance. This is an old practice used by artists, creatives and psychologists, to allow the workings of the Collective Unconscious to come through.At this moment in history, it feels that whatever is offered out into the world needs to be deeply considered, and pertinent. For this reason, we are allowing ourselves to work very slowly, intensely, even 'obediently', until the deepest creative layers are opened up to us.

It is a wondrous process to be tasked with this very special work, and a great privilege. It is also a responsibility which we are committed to seeing through, despite all of its unknowns. It is certainly a vertiginous creative path we are embarked upon.


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